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Website Design

You already know how important a clean and inviting space is for your restaurant. Think of your website the same way. A messy website, assumes a messy restaurant and suddenly you've lost a customer before they even try your food.

Don't lose your customers before they step foot in your restaurant.

We create clean brand experiences.

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Our Website
Design Process:

We help guide your customer through a journey of experiences starting with a clean brand and website that is accessible, functional, and beautiful across multiple devices. We carefully select and create quality graphics to accompany the journey.
With strategy at the core we don’t just create something beautiful, we create an experience.

Step 1:
Website Discovery

Before we begin building a website, we need to know who we’re talking to. Developing a site for everybody will only get you a site for nobody. We work with you to help find the right audience that will appreciate, and happily pay for, the experience and craft that you provide. With an audience in mind, we think about the way in which they will interact with the site and what we want them to experience. Are we offering them a casual environment to hang out with friends, a place to take their most important client, or healthy food options from locally sourced venders?

Step 2:
Website Strategy

Knowing the customer and the experience you want to give them, we can start creating a strategy for how we want them to move through the website. What are the objectives? Do we want them to watch a video? Make a reservation? Place an order? Signup for a newsletter? Answering these questions will help us figure out what functionality is needed on the site and what depth of custom development will be involved. From here we’ll set a strategy for guiding the client through the website and ultimately to your restaurant.

Step 3:
Website Design and Development

If we haven’t already worked with you to create a stylescape for your brand we’ll start there. This sets the tone for the visual storytelling of the brand. It’s like a mood board on steroids. With that approved we’ll move forward to create a stunning site with a visual story that truly mimics your restaurant’s experience and give them a taste of what to expect.

Don’t perform for an empty house.

Give your craft the audience it deserves.

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