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Restaurant Logo Design
& Branding with Strategy

Painting an Experience
On a blank canvas

Some people want large quantities of food for cheap. These people aren’t your clients. Your clients want an experience and they’re happy to pay for it. Stop competing on price, and build an experience that people won't stop talking about.

An artist on the plate but not on the computer? We get it. Work with us to come up with a brand that’s worthy to be paired with your plating skills.

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Branding & Logo Design
With Strategy First

It's like figuring out the best process for making coffee.

Devin Hanson Design Co. provides branding and logo design to restaurants, breweries, bakeries, farms, and other passionate entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. But here’s the thing, we believe in strategy first designs. We don’t want to design something because it’s cool, we want to design something that identifies who you are and gives your customers a glimpse into the experience they will have when they interact with your brand or visit your establishment.

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Here is our process:

Step One:
Discovery and Vision

It's like a wine tasting and pairing, but for your business.

First we’ll meet with you to dive deep into understanding your vision and helping you clarify how that relates to the brand and logo design for your restaurant. We’ll help you see a clear path forward for creating a brand that matters. A brand that customers are eager to share with others. In this meeting we’ll develop a vision statement that will set the tone for your branding and marketing projects.

Here is a statement we developed for Third Hour Brewing Company
“Third Hour Brewing Co. provides beer discovery and entertainment to adventurous, uninhibited customers in a judgement-free, backyard environment with a child-at-heart voice, helping them feel high on life and explore beer with freedom. We provide fun for the sake of fun.”

Step Two:
Stylescape & Logo Design

It's like building upon a basic recipe to add flavor or flare.

We work with you to create a stylescape to guide the visual aspects of the brand as well as some basic messaging. This sets the tone for any additional design projects created for the brand. It’s like a mood board on steroids. While working on the stylescape we will also begin developing a logo. We create logos with intentionality to evoke the desired feelings from the desired audience according the the vision statement created ahead of time. This is done through a unique recognizable mark. Keep in mind that logos are meant to identify, not describe. Part of our strategy in logo design will involve thinking ahead and knowing where the logo will be used so that we can design a versatile mark if needed.

Step three:
Creative Projects & Marketing

It's like finding the right ingredients to make the dish pop.

Now that we know where we’re going with the brand and what we’re trying to achieve we can begin visual storytelling of the brand through design and marketing. This may include a website, menus, ads, photography, video production, label/packaging, signs, etc. These projects will all be completed with strategy at the helm. Yes, this means more meetings, but it also means you get the most out of what we create. We don’t want you to have to course correct because we didn’t plan ahead.

If you are a passionate chef, brewer, baker, farmer, mixologist, etc. with an entrepreneurial spirit, and ready to level up your game

We want to work with you

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