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The Cookie Crumble Cafe & Bakery Brand and Packaging

We had fun creating a logo and some packaging for The Cookie Crumble Cafe & Bakery. A place with a unique concept of offering a variety of cookies that can be ordered whole or crumbled. Yep, crumbled. Like grinding coffee, customers can select one type of cookie or make a blend. They can take their crumbled cookies home for use in things like homemade ice cream, dessert toppings, a very sweet cereal, or whatever else they might want their cookies crumbled for. For this project we created a logo and hand illustrated cookie icon. We also wrote and designed some content for packaging and marketing the cookie crumbles. Coffee bags aren't coffee bags any more. Now they're cookie bags. When life gives you crumbled cookies, say thanks, and pour them in a bowl of milk.

Services Provided:

Logo Design

Packaging Design


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