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If you're a passionate craftsman or entrepreneur in the food and beverage space and want to see your brand have an impact on your business, your customers, and your community, then let's talk!
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Your customers
want more than food,
they want an experience.

Devin Hanson Design Co.
provides brand consulting and design to creative restaurateurs, giving you a clear vision for your brand and a renewed passion for your craft and customer.

We help you create an experience that can't be ignored!

The Brand

Anyone can get creative in the kitchen or brew beer in their basement and begin to think about opening up a restaurant, but a successful restaurateur knows that quality food and drink doesn't guarantee success in the restaurant business. Good food and ingredients can only carry you so far. When people are making a buying decision in the food and beverage industry, they typically decide between two things, price and experience.

Stop competing on price and start building an experience that people are happy to pay for.

An Experience is
Built With Strategy

You cannot create a brand, you can only influence it. Your brand is created when consumers interact with some element of your business and have a gut reaction to it. This gut reaction defines your brand. This experience starts way before your customers get to your restaurant or eat your food. It begins the moment they have any interaction with your brand. In order to successfully influence this interaction, it’s important to be strategic and spend some time researching your audience before creating your logo, website, packaging, menu, or any other designs. That’s where we come in.

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You cannot create a brand, you can only influence it with an experience.

Our Process
Starts with discovery

We don’t pick up a single design tool until we’ve mapped out the objectives we’re trying to achieve. The first step is setting up a workshop with you to help clarify your vision. This workshop will be an in depth discovery to help determine the objectives of the project and bring a clear vision to what is needed to make it happen. Often this includes  writing a vision statement, finding your voice, understanding your customer, developing a project scope, and ultimately igniting your passion for your craft and customer.

Start the process!

The Services we
Bring to the table

Our primary objective is to bring clarity to your vision through brand discovery and consulting. Along the way, you will likely have design needs. We’re here to help.

Branding &
Logo Design

Website Design

Menu & Signage

Photography &
Video Production

Here are a few of our
Restaurant Branding designs
created with strategy at the core.

If you are a passionate chef, brewer, baker, farmer, mixologist, etc. with an entrepreneurial spirit, and ready to level up your game

We want to work with you

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